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    Totally Driving

    Greeting Text

    And hello once again after a long hiatus. What a day and worst two week everr! You know what? Even though I don't get a permanent teacher for my driving lesson, I thought my temporary teacher is not hot tempered but it turn out to be one of it. Like seriously? Okay let me tell you my worst first day with this abang. 

    On the first day, I kind of nervous to know which one of the men at Ngah who's going to teach me. As far as I concern his name is *****. I keep rummaging in my mind that I have a few people that I think could be him. Unfortunately and shockingly, it turn out that the one I had seen the day before is him. OMG!! I am freaking out at that time as soon as he holding my card.. I am so and totally nervous because his face is so 'ketat' and looks so serious like he is going to eat mee.. Fuhh , my body is shaken and I can feel the goosebump already. 

    After a few moment, he calls out my name and giving me a sign to follow him to the car. He drives the car under a shady tree and he starts to teach me the basic one. It is really awkward because there is no sound of music from the radio. *well I must say things can be worst when the surrounding get silent.. Well, I try my best to drive the car but everything is getting mess up when he is always controlling the 'stereng' like, can abang please stop controlling me? can't you just believe me that I can do?? Ergh,, so stressful enough. 

    Maybe because he doesn't want the car to get broken like a shit? I guess that is why he is trying to hold me back . And, as a teacher he is so 'garang' than my Cikgu Kimi. I was like, am I in hell right now? Oh god, please save me from himmm! Indeed and totally I just can't stand any longer at that time, but I just have to bear with it. And one more thing, he always try to warning me that he wants to 'jentik' my feet if I can't control my clutch and brake. Who else doesn't freaking out when hear that? Ergh.

    Probably he is testing me. Emm yeah, not to mention he always getting hot tempered when I suddenly make the engine stop. He stares at me and my heart just stop beating. I am panic, and freaking out and and and everything that when someone in shock feels. *doesn't mean my heart stop beating because I like him.I don't like him, OK!  

    At the end of the day, all I could think is getting home as fast as I can. I am so spiritless physically and mentally. That abang totally made my day feels so worst. 

    #This is just a story and an experience of mine. I don't intend to talk bad about him. I know that there are some reason why he is being like that to me. But, actually he is quite okay when he is outside and when I drive carefully.. 😅😅