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    Okay, blog! Moving on to my second day with abang which happen this week. I have done 3x times practice at home and it turn out so good. Hehehe. Well thumbs up to my mother because she teaches me a little bit of technique. So, my second day with abang turns out good which is making me super happy. 

    He is also gives me some compliment when I do S and Z road clearly without any single mistakes. Can't you believe how happy I am at that time? For sure I can feel that my heart is full of flower with a little bit of sparkle. And after that, he teaches me how to do side parking and angle parking. There are so many parking at that time and I have to memorise the marking and the step and so on till I get frustrated at myself. Ergh. That is too annoying you know. 

    I just cannot imagine how other people can memorise that? What I can remember is every little things that he says about parking just fade away in a few moment. Maybe because the weather is so hot that my mind can't bear it any longer. Okay,, enough on that. Last but not least, the hill side. Driving on top of the hill is already scary me, and what even scarier is when I want to drive down the hill but the car do not make it, I know that this is the end of my lifeeee.. 

    For sure I can say that once my car has reverse down , everything will be in total chaos. How could that car betray me?? Huwahhhh.. All I can think is just getting everything done and over it. But, how can things be easier when he always scolds me? Huhu. I know that he is getting mad for good, but sometimes it can be too irritating and too unbelievable to accept, okay? Well, at the end of it he does says that I really improve a lot and probably he will take me out the next day. 

    Like I said, PROBABLY.. 😰😱 Oh no! How things going to be tomorrow?