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    Worst Day

    Greeting Text

    It never crossed my mind that everything will turn out so scary. Well, what I am trying to say is my new pakcik really scared me. I wonder how many students treated the same way as he did. When I recalled back, I really thought that pakcik just being friendly to me, but it turn out he said something that I did not expect at first place, well erm, he said cheesy words that made me felt goosebump and uneasy.. 

    Ergh, I really hate to write this, but erm he whatsapp me that I looked cute when I was nervous. I was like, 'What the hell is he talking about?OMG! He's so scary af.'... All of those fucking words really rummaging inside my mind. I don't know what exactly did he see inside me but this is totally fucking crazy.. And erm, the worst part of it, he asked me if he can saved my latest profile picture because I looked so damn cute. 

    Can't you imagined he said that? No way lah I will let him did that..And that conversation really made my night completely scary, more scarier than seeing a ghost , to be honest. I mean, he is totally crazy flirting out with his student, and I am one of the victim. OMG, that incident really set an impact to me that I really get a goosebump and feel a little paranoid when I recalled the moment.. 

    Okay, just enough on that. The truth is, I am telling this story of mine because I just want girls out there beware of this kind of man. It doesn't matter whether he is young or old but when he is trying to touch you in the first place, you know he is a bad person..😪