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    Devillish Feb

    Greeting Text

    Little did I know that the month of February is pretty challenging to me. First, I got abang who is super garang and serious like he was having PMS all day long. Hmm, I bet because of the weather is super hot, for sure it affect his emotions that time. But, to be honest he is okay actually. He just got mad when I did wrong only. 

    So, erm it is time for me to countdown to 2/3 , because I am going to continue my driving lessons with abang again. Quite funny doesn't it? I used to hate him, but now I am the one who is looking for him back. Huwaahh, it feels so wrong and so right at the same timee.. I feel wrong because I am going to look bad infront of him, but at the same time I feel right because I can escape from the psychotic pakcik.. πŸ˜“

    I don't know how am I going to face him again, but I am hoping that he will always full of smile. I really cross my fingers, wishing that he will in a good mood , cheers and hoping that the weather is windy instead of hot. 

    And one last thing, I am hoping that I don't get nervous and get panic easily. Yes, I am really a panicky person when it comes to driving. I just can't control the emotion when that abang beside me.. 😭 I just hope this is not a sign of liking someone. I don't want to have hope on that. Huwaahhh..πŸ™Š

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