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    Undeniably True

    Greeting Text
    It kept me thinking till this day if I did a right choice or not. But, I assume that I do the right thing for my whole self. Hmm, and btw Ma called me yesterday and told me something about psychotic pakcik. She said that her neighbour (a girl) learned driving with pakcik and he said to her to be more chubby instead of skinny. And, Ma said too that pakcik had tried to sentuh her neighbour , but got scolded because her neighbour is a defensive person.. Later on, he didn't try to do anything to her. THE END πŸ˜”

    I felt terribly bad at myself when I knew that. I literally wanted screaming out loud till I lose my voices at that time..😱 Hmm, flabbergastedly, I knew I am such a coward and thoughtless for letting that happened. I knew I was wrong, but I just couldn't think of anything at that time instead of focusing on my driving. REALLY!  If only I could turn back the time, I should be wiser and braver instead letting my dignity scratched over.. Yes, I am and was a dumb. I knew that. πŸ˜ͺ😩😭

    But, yeah. All I can say is I learn from my mistake. The incident had left me such an impact to be a straight forward and braver person. I really hope I can stand up for myself, just myself.. πŸ˜” And, I really thanks for those who listened to my story and try comforted me instead of judging me. I know and knew I was wrong for being like that, but all I need is a little bit of hug and comforting sessions.. 

    β—€ β–Ά